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WA Tweaker APK Download Latest Version | Official Website

WhatsApp tweaker


WhatsApp Tweaker




40 MB





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App Info

  • Anti-revoke Message & Status
  • Anti-Ban
  • Send HD Photos-Vidoes
  • No Last Seen, Hide double, blue ticks
  • Fully customizable

WA Tweaker 2023 APK is not any modded app of the official WhatsApp app but it can unlock all the awesome features of the latest version of WhatsApp Beta on our device in just seconds. This tiny application is developed by an awesome-minded developer ‘Alex193a‘ to unlock hidden features of WhatsApp without using any mod application. Continue reading to get to know more about the 2022 Version of WA Tweaker APK and how it works.

As we know some people don’t prefer WhatsApp mods because they know some side disadvantages of using them, like a ban on the account. Only for them, we brought you the latest version of WA Tweaker, early which was known as ‘WhatsApp Tweaks’. Read more about WA Tweaker APK about its features, Direct Download link, frequently asked questions about WA Tweaker and the final verdict.

What is WA Tweaker?

WA Tweaker is just a tiny application for Android devices which can unlock many features on the WhatsApp Beta version. We can’t use WA Tweaker for the official version because it only supports the beta version. Unlocked features can be hidden features, privacy features, some media features etc. So if you are looking for a tiny application that will load less on your device ram, then you can download the latest version of WA Tweaker APK. Also, read more about the features of WA Tweaker in this article.

WA Tweaker APK Info

WA Tweaker has so many features in terms of personalization, customization, hiding features and much more which can be unlocked on WhatsApp Beta by using this tiny application. Also, these features are easy to apply on WhatsApp Beta. Read the article below to know how to enable features of WA Tweaker on Beta WhatsApp. Features are mentioned in the list below.

Download WA Tweaker APK Latest Version

WhatsApp Tweaker
WhatsApp Tweaker
App NameWA Tweaker
Size40 MB
App VersionLatest Version
Operating SystemAndroid
Updated on1 day ago

Features of WA Tweaker APK

WhatsApp Tweaker
WhatsApp Tweaker

Hidden features:

  • Unlock hidden features of WhatsApp.
  • Customize last seen.
  • Disable second tick.
  • Hide the blue tick.
  • Hide writing status.
  • Easily hide recording status.

Privacy features:

  • Anti-revoke status
  • Anti-revoke message
  • Lock WhatsApp
  • DND Mode


  • Increase words of status
  • Copy contacts status
  • Increase the length of the group description
  • Media size limits increased
  • Groups participants limits can be increased
  • No need to save a number in order to chat and call
  • Customize themes, stickers.

Other features:

  • Personalize features
  • Achieved chats can be hidden
  • Toolbar colour can be changed
  • User interface font can be changed
  • Notification icons can be changed.
  • More than 3 chats can be pinned.

Requirements to use WA Tweaker APK

Wa tweaker requirement
  • Android version should be at least 4.1.
  • WhatsApp Beta latest version is required.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • Read the guide of how to enable hidden features in WA Tweaker APK.

To download WA Tweaker or WA Tweaker, simply tap on the downloading button. We are providing a fast one-tap downloading button which is rare to find nowadays on the internet. Download WA Tweaker latest version for Android 2019 by clicking the download button.

How to Enable Hidden Features by using WA Tweaker APK?

wa tweaker enable feature

To enable or unlock these extra features on Beta WhatsApp, you have to follow these simple steps written here.

  • First, close your WhatsApp application.
  • Turn on Aeroplane Mode.
  • Open WA Tweaker and choose which hidden feature you want to unlock on WhatsApp Beta.
  • Now turn off the Aeroplane Mode.
  • Close WA Tweaker.
  • Open WhatsApp Beta and turn on the internet connection.
  • That’s all, now you can enjoy all those features which you have unlocked in WA Tweaker APK. You can read the explanation of those features in our article. Also, you can get much information about WA Tweaker APK.

Explained features of WA Tweaker APK

Here are the explained features of WA Tweaker APK. All the features can be enabled from WA Tweaker to use them on WhatsApp Beta without using any WhatsApp mod APK.

Hidden features

Wa tweaker hidden features
  • With the help of WA Tweaker APK, you are able to hide second tick even if your internet is on.
  • You can hide the blue tick by using WA Tweaker APK even if you have read the message.
  • We can customize or freeze our last seen by using WA Tweaker.
  • We can hide our recording status as well as typing or writing status by using WA Tweaker APK for Android 2019.

Privacy features of WA Tweaker Version

Wa tweaker privacy features
  • We can use the anti-revoke message feature by using WA Tweaker. Whenever someone deletes a message from our chat, the chat shows ‘this message is permanently deleted.’ then with the help of anti-revoke message, we can see that message. It’s a useful feature provided by WA Tweaker to unlock it on WhatsApp Beta.
  • Like the anti-revoke message, we have a feature which is ‘anti-revoke status’ and with the help of it, we can see statuses of people who have deleted the status after adding it on their status screen.
  • With the help of updated WA Tweaker, we are able to lock our chats, as well as WhatsApp Beta.

Customization and other features

Wa tweaker customizaion
  • With WA Tweaker, we are able to increase the words in a status. So we can use a larger status.
  • We can copy our friends, contacts statuses.
  • We can increase the length of the group description as well as groups participants.
  • Now, we can personalize features with WA Tweaker on WhatsApp Beta.
  • With the help of WA Tweaker, we are able to hide achieved chats.
  • The user interface font, as well as toolbar colour, can be changed.

Download WhatsApp Tweaker APK

WhatsApp Tweaker
WhatsApp Tweaker

Click To Download WA Tweaker APK Latest Version For Android

Installation guide for WhatsApp Tweaker Version

Wa tweaker installation guide

To install WA Tweaker APK, you have to follow some of the easy steps. Read these steps down here in this section. Also, if you find some problems in installing WA Tweaker APK, simply comment down your problem in our comment box and we will help you as fast as we can.

Step 1:

Installing the WhatsApp Tweaker Mod APK will require permission for enabling unknown source. To enable unknown source you need to go to>device settings>security>permissions>unknown source>enable. You need to enable this permission because WhatsApp Tweaker is not officially available in stores. Also, it is a third-party application so you need to enable unknown sources.

Step 2:

Now, after enabling the unknown source installation, you need to locate the WA Tweaker APK. The default location can be found by going to>device storage>downloads>WA Tweaker APK. Now you have located the APK and just open the WhatsApp Tweaker APK. Tap on the install button and wait for few seconds.

Step 3:

The installation of WA Tweaker is finished. Now you can run this APK and enable all the hidden features in WhatsApp Beta. Don’t forget to read our guide of “how to enable hidden features by using WA Tweaker APK?” Now, before quitting the website, you may read the remaining article to get some more information regarding some frequently asked questions and the conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions about WhatsApp Tweaker

Wa tweaker qna

Here we are with some frequent questions asked by people about WhatsApp Tweaker. Even after reading this, still, you have some questions, problems than just comment your question on our comment box. We will help you to fix your problem at some time.

Question 1. How can I install WA Tweaker on my Android device?

To install WhatsApp Tweaker just follow some easy steps which are given in our installation guide of WhatsApp Tweaker. Without an installing guide, you may not be able to install WA Tweaker APK properly.

Question 2. Is it safe to use WhatsApp Tweaker on my device?

Yes, using WA Tweaker latest version APK is safe. But you should know that the older version of WhatsApp Tweaker may require a rooted device to install but as the latest version arrived, WA Tweaker requires no rooted device to install. It is safe for your device. And if you look for APKs which requires root, do not install them, simple.

Question 3. Can I use WA Tweaker for the official version of WhatsApp?

No, you can’t use WA Tweaker APK for the official version of WhatsApp because even if it supports it doesn’t mean it will be stable and function properly. That’s why you need the latest version of WhatsApp Beta to use WATweaker. So that you can unlock hidden features of WhatsApp without using mods.

Question 4. How will I update WhatsApp Tweaker APK ?

To update WA Tweaker APK to its latest version, you need to visit our website because we provide the latest version of WA Tweaker as well as WhatsApp and Instagram mods. You don’t have to pay either as it is for free and easy to download as compared to some other websites which keep opening ads and pop-ups every time whenever you tap on downloading button.

Question 5. Does it support all the features of a WhatsApp mod?

Not much, not less. WA Tweaker latest APK for Android is a tiny application which is used to unlock hidden features of WhatsApp Beta regarding privacy features, security features, customization and other features. It unlocks so many features but we can’t compare all these to WhatsApp mods as you know WhatsApp mods are specially designed to provide extraordinary features. But don’t worry because WA Tweaker is nothing less than these mods. It also unlocks many useful features which can be used with WhatsApp Beta without installing mods.

The Final Verdict

So now you are at the end of this article of 2022 Version WA Tweaker APK. You must have read all the information regarding features, APK info, WhatsApp Tweaker requirement, explained features, installation guide and the FAQ. It’s simple if you want to unlock hidden features of WhatsApp Beta version with a tiny tweaker app, then simply Download Latest WA Tweaker APK. The latest version of WhatsApp Tweaker (WA Tweaker) is safe, stable and improved. Unlock extra features of WhatsApp using WhatsApp Tweaker without using any WhatsApp mod APK. So, what do you think? Your opinion is important to know for us. Comment whatever you think about WhatsApp Tweaker 2023 Version regarding features, performance, problems, etc. in our comment box.

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