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GB Instagram APK 2023 – Download Latest Version (Official)

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GB Instagram




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App Info

    • Auto-translator in chats

    • Download videos, images, and story

    • Easy customization

    • Star messages in a conversation

    • Custom interface

GB Instagram APK: So you are looking for the Instagram mod? Well, that’s great because at the end of this article you gonna get what you need. Here we are explaining and providing the latest version of one of the best Instagram modified versions which are also known as GB Instagram APK. GB Instagram APK is different from the Official Instagram App but offers a lot more in terms of functionality.

GB Instagram APK

As we know about Instagram, a very popular application with billions of downloads and which is developed by Kevin Systrom and his partner Mike Krieger. With Instagram, we can connect with friends, message them directly, post photos as well as videos. We can watch longer videos on IGTV. And all this for free. But you know why we need the Instagram mod for? Stay here, and you gonna get all the answers about Instagram mods.

There are a lot of things that we are not able to do on Instagram because it lacks features. In the Official Insta App, the worst thing is we can’t save pics and videos in our phone storage. But with the help of mods, we can do such a thing. Also, there is a lot of cool stuff about GB Instagram which you will find in this article. And to accomplish those features, we need mods and GB Instagram APK is one of them. So you know about mods now, that’s great.

Download GBInstagram APK

GBInstagram latest version
App NameGB Instagram
Size39 MB
Operating SystemAndroid
Updated on1 day ago

What’s special about GB Instagram APK?

There are so many special things about GB Instagram APK, that’s why it is one of the best Insta mods available right now with the latest updates and newer versions. Using GB Insta will boost your Instagram experience. You can do much more than the official Insta on this mod. You can change themes of conversation, you can save pics and videos, you can translate comments in various languages and much more you can do on GB Instagram. These are some of the features of GB Instagram. Read down below to know more features of GB Insta mod APK.

Info about GB Instagram APK

The below information is about GBInstagram APK Size, version, required Android, last update time, etc. All this info is very important so if you want to download it, make sure you have the required Android version on your device, otherwise, you will end up wasting your time.

Features of GB Instagram APK

Features of GB Instagram APK

GB Instagram APK has so many features which you will find here. These are the features that make it different from the Official Instagram app. So if you wish to download this app, then you should read about these features.

GB Instagram apk features
  • Auto-translator in chats
  • Download videos, images and story
  • Easy customization
  • Star messages in a conversation
  • Custom interface
  • Latest version
  • Hide story view
  • Hide online status
  • Turn off left and right drag option
  • Copy caption from posts
  • Able to copy bio
  • No root required

What’s New In GB Instagram APK

  • Zoom profile pictures
  • Anti-ban mod
  • New version and new updates
  • Crashes fixed
  • Bugs fixed
  • New themes available
  • Fixed errors while loading themes

The new version of GB Instagram has many new features and many old bugs are fixed. You will find the explanation of these new features here.

  • In the new version of GB Instagram, we are able to zoom profile pictures. It’s a great feature for stalkers :p
  • As we know there are lots of features available in mods but the only issue is the ban but in the new version of GB Instagram, there’s no ban. Use GB Insta mod for as long as you want to. And you can download new updates from our website easily.
  • The latest version of GB Instagram has fixed some of the old crashes and errors i.e when we try to search themes.
  • New themes are available. Use any theme you like and that’s all for free.

Explained features of GB Instagram APK

I am here to explain the exclusive features of GB Instagram mod APK so that if you don’t understand much about these features, you can read them down below. I hope it will help you to understand all the features of GB Insta easily and properly.

What is the auto translator in chats?

Gb instagram auto translator

You have used the language translator in the official Instagram but it only able to translate in the English language as well as it doesn’t translate chats language. But in “GB Instagram APK“, you are able to translate languages in your desired language. Even in chats, you are able to see a translated version of other languages if that’s different from your chosen language and it works automatically.

Download Videos and Images in GB Instagram APK

Gb instagram dwnload media

GB Instagram is way better than the official version of Instagram in many ways. In official Insta, you are not able to download images and videos which are available on pages, IGTV, etc. But with the help of GB Instagram APK, you can download any image or video from Instagram. All this is for free. Now, you don’t have to spend your time while screenshotting and cropping images. With this Instagram Mod, everything became so easy in the Instagram world.

Role of customization in GB Instagram

Gb instagram customization

In the latest version of GB Instagram, we are able to customize features. We can change the interface of Instagram and change its appearance. We can use different themes for conversation. Also, we can customize the auto translator language to the desired one. These customization features are only available in GB Instagram APK. Also, you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy these features because we are offering the latest version and all these features without any payment because it’s free by developers.

Timely Updates

Gb instagram latest updates

The latest version of GB Instagram APK is modified from the latest version of the Official Instagram. You will get all the new features of the Instagram which are currently available like we can watch longer videos from IGTV, we can discover brands, shop products etc. All these new features are also available in our latest version of the GB Instagram APK. Download the latest version for Android from “gbmod.net” which is our free website for WhatsApp and Instagram mods.

Hide story view, online status and turn off left to right drag option

Gbi nstagram apk hide feature

In GB Instagram APK we are able to hide our view from anyone’s story. It’s a very useful feature of GB Instagram APK which is not available in the official Instagram. Also, we are able to turn off or disable the left to right dragging option for posts so that you can use up to down dragging. And with the help of the GB Instagram mod, you are able to turn off your online status as well. It’s a very important feature that is only available in the mod.

Copy Caption From Posts and Copy Bio

Gb instagram copy bio

In the official version of Instagram, we can’t copy captions, bio, and story which really makes us feel bad because whenever we love anyone’s captions, bio, we liked to copy them but no such features are available in that. But on GB Instagram, you can copy captions from posts and copy people’s bio which makes it easy to put them on your status and in your posts. It has lots of features available which will never gonna available on the official version. So what do you think of GB Instagram APK? I advise you if you are looking for a better Instagram application, then go for this modified version of Instagram. It’s free and easily available on our website with a one-tap downloading button.

No Root Required

Gb instagram no root required

Device safety is everything for us before installing any third-party app but doesn’t worry because GB Instagram is 100% safe and it doesn’t require a rooted device. It won’t harm your device because it doesn’t contain malware or viruses and due to the anti-ban system, it won’t ban your account. Use the updated version of GB Instagram without any worries and enjoy all these features.

Download GB Instagram APK Latest Version

GB Instagram apk icon

Click To Download Latest Version of GB Instagram APK For Android

Installation Guide of GB Instagram APK

Installation guide is the most important part of any application because everyone knows if you aren’t able to install the app then what’s the use of it. So read these steps carefully.

STEP 1. Make sure you enable the unknown source before installing GB Instagram APK. You need to enable this option because GB Instagram APK is not official and it’s developed by the third-party developers. To enable unknown source installation, you have to go to>device settings>security>permissions>unknown source>enable.

STEP 2. So you have enabled the unknown source installation, well, after this you have to find the GB Instagram APK in your device. For the default location, you can go to>storage>downloads>GB Instagram APK.

STEP 3. Now, just tap on the install button and wait for some seconds. The installation is finished and you can enjoy all the features of GB Instagram Mod APK. But before you go, you may read some frequently asked questions which may help you and solve your problems in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gb instagram qna

This FAQ will provide you with the answers of some frequently asked questions about GB Instagram APK. Because there are many questions which come in our mind while using the mods APK and GB Insta mod. So don’t worry because I am here and I will clear your thoughts and I hope this FAQ will help you.

Question 1. GB Instagram is safe to use?

GB Instagram is a mod that doesn’t require a rooted device to run. It is 100% safe for your device. Also, you don’t have to pay anything to download GB Instagram APK. And you must have known that using mods ban your accounts but in the new version, your account will not be banned. It is safe to use.

Question 2. Does GB Instagram APK contains regular updates?

Yes, it contains new updates. And you can download new updates from our website “gbmod.net” and you will get new features of GB Instagram APK in the latest updates. In the current new version, lots of new features have arrived like we can zoom the provides as well as we can use new themes. Use all these features for 100% free.

Question 3. Can I download the images and videos on IGTV on GB Instagram APK?

As we know in the official Instagram, we can’t save images and videos which is pretty bad. But in GB Instagram APK, we can download images as well as videos. We can download long IGTV videos too in GB Instagram APK. That’s a very important feature of the Instagram mod.

Question 4. Can we star messages like WhatsApp in GB Instagram mod?

Yes, like in WhatsApp, we are able to star messages which we don’t want to forget. Also in GB Instagram APK, we can star messages in our conversation with friends. And it’s pretty simple. So what do you think? Download GB Instagram APK for Android right now to use all these features.

Question 5. Can we customize look in GB Instagram APK?

Customization is an awesome thing, you know. In GB Instagram apk, we are able to customize so many things. We can customize themes, conversation style, we can change the interface look. Change the look of Instagram with GB Instagram APK. There are a lot of themes and new themes are arriving on updates. So enjoy the experience.

The Final Verdict

Now you must have known about the GB Instagram APK and its exclusive features and benefits. Also, it is 100% safe for your device as well. There will be no account ban issue in the new version. So, if you wish to Download GB Instagram APK Latest Version, you can download it from our website easily and install it safely with the installation guide step by step. Hope you will love our latest version of mod APKs.

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