Top 5 WhatsApp Mods of 2023 (Anti-Ban) [Updated]

Top 5 WhatsApp Mods in 2023: WhatsApp is a popular app in the world but the popularity of WA in India is a bit higher than the rest of the world. Everyone in India has WhatsApp on their smartphone devices. So what makes this WhatsApp this popular in India? Well, because of its features & easy use & fast response.

WhatsApp is a free messaging application that uses an internet data connection to run, it’s for Android, iOS & Windows devices. It has over 1 billion active users daily and over 5 Billion total downloads worldwide. But due to some more extraordinary features, the third-party developers have developed these WhatsApp Mods.

Top 5 WhatsApp Mods

If you love to use WhatsApp Mods and want to know which one is best that you should choose. Well, we are providing a list of Top 5 WhatsApp Mods. The list not only includes the list but the link to downloading them too! So let’s get started.

GB WhatsApp APK

Gbwhatsapp apk latest version

GBWhatsApp is a popular WhatsApp Mod and it’s popular since the beginning and it’s on the top of the WhatsApp mods list even now that you should definitely try.

Features of GBWhatsApp APK:

  • There are a lot of features of GBWhatsApp, from Multimedia to privacy. You can send high-quality videos, images and large files that can be sent without wasting time.
  • You can send more than 10 images in GBWhatsApp APK.
  • You can use so many privacy features that can help you to hide your online status, freeze status, hide double and blue ticks and so much.
  • You can use new themes, emojis & stickers. You can choose the “always online” feature to trick people.
  • You can use the message scheduler feature and use “auto-reply” like WhatsApp Business!

Yo WhatsApp APK

yowhatsapp apk latest version

YoWhatsApp is another popular WhatsApp Mod that is on this list. You can download YoWhatsApp Latest Version and can enjoy the following features.

Features of YoWhatsApp APK:

  • YoWhatsApp is anti-ban WA Mod.
  • You can use the Anti-revoke message feature where you will be able to see ‘permanently deleted’ messages from friends chats.
  • You can hide so many things like status view, date & time while copying a message, your last seen, blue tick, second tick, audio recording status, etc.
  • You can access themes store and you can download new themes, fonts, icons, stickers, emojis and so much.
  • You can customize icons, widgets and so much in YoWhatsApp

FM WhatsApp APK

Fmwhatsapp latest version

FMWhatsApp is known as Fouad WhatsApp and another popular WhatsApp Mod. This Mod is developed by Fouad Mokdad and contains various awesome features, that are:

Features of FMWhatsApp APK:

  • Like GBWhatsApp & YoWhatsApp, in FMWA, you can use custom themes, stickers, emojis, launcher icons, etc.
  • You can disable the forwarded tag while forwarding messages.
  • You can hide the second & blue ticks.
  • You can call anyone without adding them to your contact list.
  • You can use Anti-revoke Message & Anti revoke Status feature.
  • FMWhatsApp is a better WhatsApp mod in terms of security, it’s anti-ban.
  • You can hide your writing & recording status.
  • You can share up to 700MB files at a time.
  • You can pin up to 100 chats.

WhatsApp Aero APK

WhatsApp Aero latest version

WhatsApp Aero is developed by Bozkurt Hazarr, and it is a famous WA Mod because of its different look of the user interface. Due to its appearance, people love it but it doesn’t only the case because there are so many features that are provided by WhatsApp Aero and that are:

Features of WhatsApp Aero APK:

  • WhatsApp Aero has a beautiful user-interface.
  • The performance is better than many WhatsApp Mods.
  • You can customize icons, home screen User Interface, themes and so much in WhatsApp Aero.
  • WhatsApp Aero is anti-ban.
  • It has its Aero Themes store.
  • You can use the privacy features which are also available in GBWhatsApp, YoWA & FMWA.
  • You can use Anti-revoke features that can be applied to statuses & messages.

WhatsApp Plus APK

whatsapp plus latest version

In the list of top WhatsApp Mods, there should be WhatsApp Plus included, so it is. WhatsApp Plus is simple to use and an awesome WhatsApp Mod that you can use today.

Features of WhatsApp Plus:

  • You can send HD videos to your friends on WhatsApp Plus.
  • You can send more than 10 images at a time like other WhatsApp mods.
  • You can use the DND mode.
  • You can use the Anti-revoke feature.
  • You can customize widgets, notifications, themes, and more in WhatsApp Plus.
  • You can choose your favorite fonts from a large font collection.
  • You can use the message scheduler & inbuilt chat locker.

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