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So, here you are on our website “gbmod.net” and we welcome you. Here this article is about OGInsta 2021 APK which is one of the most powerful modified version of Instagram available for the Android devices. You are wondering what’s different about OGInsta APK, well, first of all, it looks like the Instagram but it has some extra features which are just awesome. Keep reading to know more about the Latest 2021 Version of OGInsta APK for Android.

As everyone knows about Instagram, it’s a way to share moments with family, friends and publically. Millions of people use Instagram for a daily purpose. It’s a great social media application. But why we need the Instagram mods if the app is so great?

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Download OGInsta 2021 APK Version

OGInstagram latest version

Why you need OGInsta Latest 2021 APK?

OGInstagram has tons of features like sharing images, videos, watching videos on IGTV, come live, chats with people, and much more but also it lacks some things which there should be. That’s why we need Instagram mods. And OGInsta is one of them. We can do a lot of stuff like download images, videos, sharing URL directly and many more with OGInstagram app for Android.

OGInsta 2020 APK Version info

App NameOGInsta APK
Version2021 Beta
APK Size26 MB
Required Android
Last Updated13 December 2020

Features of 2021 OGInsta APK

This is the most important part of an application, obviously. The awesome features of OGInsta APK 2021 are here. So read them carefully.

  • Download images and videos easily from Instagram.
  • Share images and videos URLs directly to friends.
  • Don’t miss a single notification of follows and unfollows by ‘follow indicator’.
  • Zoom profile pictures in OGInsta APK.
  • IGTV videos can also be downloaded.
  • Translate chats with the auto-translator.
  • Multi-accounts can be used in the same app.
  • Videos will start with the sound by default.
  • Facebook log-in is available.
  • Stories can be downloaded.
  • Supports multi-language.
  • Anyone’s bio can be downloaded.

What’s New In OG Instagram 2021 Latest Version

Oginsta apk what's new
  • Base updated in the new version of OGInstagram 2021 APK.
  • Fixed errors and bugs.
  • Anti-ban mod.
  • Fixed crashes.
  • New features arrived.

Unlike many fraud sites, we share 100% working one-tap downloading button. Keep your distance from those fraud sites and remember our website for free and working WhatsApp and Instagram mods.

OGInsta is regularly updating from time to time and currently, in the latest version of OGInstagram APK 2021 Version, lot of things are fixed.

  • The base is updated with a brand new look to give you an awesome experience with the latest version.
  • Old errors are fixed in the new update as well as bugs.
  • The anti-ban mechanism of OGInsta Mod APK is improving from time to time with new updates. So make sure you upgrade OGInsta with the latest updates.
  • Some crashes are fixed in the new version of the OGInsta APK 2021 Version.
  • Some new features have arrived like new languages support, smooth experience, new themes etc.

Explained features of OGInsta APK 2021 Latest Version

You will find here the explanation of OGInstagram APK features.

Download media easily

oginsta download media

As you know, there is no option for download images and videos on Instagram. Because of this unavailability, Instagram mods are downloaded. OGInsta 2021 offers options for downloading images and videos easily. So, we don’t have to spend much time to save our favorite images.

Share URLs In OGInsta APK 2021

oginsta share url

We can share the URLs of images and videos to our friends easily on OGInsta. So that we can share those interesting images and videos with our friends.

Easy notification with the ‘follow indicator’

oginsta apk notification

In the official Instagram, there is some sort of problems where we couldn’t receive proper notifications about follows and unfollows. But in OGInsta APK 2021 Version, we will get every single notification with the ‘follow indicator’. We will get a proper notification if someone follows us or unfollows us.

Zoom profile pics

Oginsta apk zoom images

Zooming profile pics is one of the advantages of using OGInsta 2021 APK. Unlike the official Insta, you don’t have to stare at anyone’s profile pic because you can easily zoom that picture with the help of awesome features. This feature is only available in OGInsta mod APK.

IGTV videos can be downloaded

Oginsta IGTV video download

Just like the short videos, we are able to download IGTV long Instagram videos on OGInsta. It’s a great feature. All these videos will be downloaded in the device storage which makes it easy to share also. We can watch those videos whenever we want to without an internet connection.


Oginsta apk auto translator

With the auto-translator feature, OGInstagram 2021 APK will automatically translate languages if they aren’t in your chosen language. The translator can be used in the chatbox as well as in the comment box. It supports so many languages.

Other features

Multi-accounts: In OGInsta APK 2021, we can use multi-accounts in a single app. It’s a very useful feature nowadays.

Sounds on automatically: Whenever we scroll down a video, that will open with sounds on automatically. Unlike in the official Instagram, we don’t have to tap on the sound option.

Facebook log-in: We can log in our Insta accounts via choosing the Facebook log-in option in OGInsta Mod APK.

Download stories: We are able to download stories of others in OGInsta, included images, videos etc.

Multi-languages: OGInsta supports multi-languages. Use your best language to enjoy all the features within your language.

Download bio: Like stories, images and videos, we are able to download anyone’s bio also and it’s not available in the official version as you all know.

Use all these awesome features freely in OGInsta APK right now. Download OGInsta from our website and for new updates of WhatsApp and Instagram mods, visit our website. We brought you the latest updates and version of mods of WA and Insta from time to time with an easy and fast one-tap downloading button.

Download OGInsta APK 2021 Latest version

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Click To Download Latest Version Of OGInsta APK 2021 For Android

How to install OGInsta 2021 APK?

Follow some of the easy steps to install OGinsta properly in your Android device. Also, if you face any problem while installing OGInsta mod APK, just contact us by commenting in the comment box down below.

Step 1:

First of all, you have to enable the unknown source installation to install OGInsta mod. Without enabling this permission, you can’t install the APK. To enable unknown source installation, just go to>device settings>security>permissions>enable unknown source.

Step 2:

After you enable unknown source, your next step will be to locate the downloaded file in your device. The default location will be device storage>downloads>OGInsta APK. Now open the apk and tap on install.

Step 3:

Wait some seconds and the installation of OGInsta APK will be finished. Now, you enjoy all the features of OGInsta in your smartphone. Don’t forget to share your experience with the OGInsta mod APK in our comment box.

Frequently asked questions about OGInsta APK 2021 Version

Here are some frequently asked questions about 2021 OGInsta APK. I hope it will help you to get the answers to some questions which are in your mind right now about OGInsta. But if you still have some questions then you can just write down the question in our comment box and we will answer in no time. My team is always available to you.

Ques 1. Is it safe to use OGInsta 2021 mod APK?

Yes, OGInsta is 100% safe for your device. Unlike many mod APKs, it doesn’t require a rooted device to install. You can install OGInsta without any worry and enjoy all the features with a great experience.

Ques 2. Will I be banned from Instagram while using OGInsta APK?

No, you won’t be banned from Instagram because OGInsta uses the anti-ban system in order to stop banning the accounts. Use OGInsta as long as you want to. It is safe for your account.

Ques 3. How can I download the latest updates for OGInsta in the future?

Just remember our website in order to download the latest updates of OGInsta APK. Also, we provide the latest version of Instagram mods as well as WhatsApp mods. Download the mods easily on our website “gbmod.net”.

Ques 4. Can I chat with friends on OGInsta?

Yes, you can chat with friends on OGInsta APK. It has the same process of following and unfollowing like the official version of Instagram. Even you can use the auto translator to translate languages in conversation with foreign friends which is very useful.

Ques 5. Why I am not able to install 2021 OGinsta APK?

Maybe you didn’t follow the steps of installation. You should follow the installation steps in order to properly install OGInsta. Even after you aren’t able to install the APK then you should check the required Android version of the APK and compare to your device Android version. Otherwise, just try to download the latest version of OG Insta from our website and try to install again.

Ques 6. What are the benefits of using the OG Insta 2021 Version?

There are a lot of benefits of using OGInsta instead of the official version. It has many special features like download images, videos, download anyone’s story, copy anyone’s bio. Even we can zoom profile pictures in OGInsta mod APK. Plus it has many features which you will find in the article. So read and you will get the idea.

Final Verdict

2021 Version of OGInsta APK is free to use and one of the best mods of Instagram available. Use all the features of OGInsta easily and spread your enjoyment via sharing videos and image URLs. Download media files so that you can enjoy them without an internet connection. So what do you think about OGInsta APK? Download 2021 OGInstagram Mod APK for Android right now by tapping the downloading button.

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