How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Data?

How to Backup and Restore WhatsApp Data

Everyone knows about WhatsApp which is a very popular social application used for chatting, sharing media and calling etc. WhatsApp Messenger is simple and easy to use. We do a lot of chats, shares stuff but think if we delete those images or videos by mistake or we just change our smartphone then what will happen to our WhatsApp files, chats & media? That’s why we need to do one thing and that is “Backup.”

Backup on Android and iOS devices

There are two types of devices which are used mostly for WhatsApp, Android devices & iOS devices. We can back up our WhatsApp data on both of the devices. Google Drive is used for backup in Android devices and iCloud is used for iOS devices. But what if change our Android device to an iOS device? Well, we can’t restore our WhatsApp data in that case.

Backup on Android and iOS devices

Backup WhatsApp data on Google Drive on Android

Backup data on Google Drive on Android

On Android devices, Google Drive is the best option for backup our WhatsApp files. We can easily back up or data to Google Drive. Follow these simple steps.

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Tap on those three-dot icons and go to settings.
  • Now tap on Chats and choose Chat backup option.
  • Here you can check the last time when you did a backup.
  • If you are a new user then WhatsApp will automatically ask you for Back up to Google Drive.
  • You will see some choices like Backup Daily, Weekly, Monthly or only Back up when I tap “Back up.”
  • You can choose whatever you want to and if you are an old user and want to backup your chats then just tap on Back up.
  • Also, don’t forget to choose your Google account.
  • You can choose an option to Back up over Wi-Fi or cellular or both.
  • Also, you can include videos in the Backup options but it will take much data.

Restoring Old WhatsApp data to the new device

Restoring data on new Android

You should know about how to restore WhatsApp data option. Whenever we delete and reinstall our WhatsApp, it will ask us if we want to restore data. On the Android devices if we have chosen the same Google account where we had a backup of WhatsApp data then we can choose the restore data option. The data will be restored soon. Also, in iOS devices, we can backup and restore our WhatsApp data by choosing the same iCloud account.

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Can I restore my WhatsApp data from Android to iOS?

Restoring WhatsApp data from Android to ioS?

If you have a backup our your WhatsApp data on Google Drive and you change your phone to Apple then you won’t we restore your chats on WhatsApp because the Android devices use Google Drive for backup WhatsApp and Apple devices uses iCloud. So it will be not possible unless we use third-party apps which is not safe and not recommended.

What if I choose a wrong account to backup?

It is necessary to backup your WhatsApp data to known Google or iCloud account because if you choose a wrong account then it will be impossible to restore your data. But if you have chosen a wrong account and still haven’t deleted WhatsApp and have access to change the account linked with backup then change it. Then later that you are able to backup and restore properly.

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