How To Backup and Restore WhatsApp Data – An Ultimate Guide

How to backup and restore WhatsApp data-Backup your WhatsApp Data easily by using the ultimate guide.

In this post, we will discuss how to restore and backup WhatsApp data easily. When we switch to our new phone and trying to open our WhatsApp we won’t get our old data. Then we are hoping or worrying about it. But don’t worry we are here for you. Today we will share with you the method via which you can easily restore or backup WhatsApp data on your new phone.

What is WhatsApp?

Guys, we all know that Whatsapp is now becoming the main communication way to send messages, videos, audios, and documents. Currently, with the latest update of WhatsApp, we can now able to transfer money by using WhatsApp. So as per our prediction, WhatsApp will be the main communication media via we can do us all needs. It has billions of users all over the world. And day by day it’s increasing.

How To Backup Your WhatsApp Data to Google Drive?

The safest way to get your WhatsApp data anytime you want is that get back up your WhatsApp data to Google Drive. With the help of Google Drive, you will easily backup and restore your WhatsApp data. Below we will share with you how to back up your WhatsApp data to Google Drive.

Fortunately, WhatsApp has features that will automatically backup your data to Google Drive. Once you set your settings on your WhatsApp it automatically starts to backup your data to Google drive. Let’s see the steps to allow the settings in WhatsApp.

Step- 01

Open your WhatsApp from the app drawer.

Step- 02

Click on the three vertical dots on the upper right corner to open Main Menu

Step- 03

After clicking on it, next click on the Settings.

Step- 04

After clicking on the settings, tap on the Chats option, and then choose Chats Backup.

Step- 05

Then choose Backup to Google Drive and select the needed frequency which you would like. For example, choose Daily.

Step- 06

Then select your Google Account and Allow it.

Step- 07

After that, it will ask for you to back your video. If you want then add it.

Step- 08

To finish the process finally tap on the Backup to initiate your backup.

How To Backup and Restore Whatsapp Data?

If you have any important chats or official chats. And now you are switching to a new phone. But don’t know how to backup and restore data your WhatsApp data. Then below we gonna share with you that how to backup and restore WhatsApp data. By using those simple steps you can easily get your WhatsApp data backup. Below we’ll not gonna share with you rocket science to get your WhatsApp backup data. It is a genuine and working process. So let’s start with how to backup and restore WhatsApp data.

Step 1:- Reinstall WhatsApp

If you uninstalled WhatsApp then simply go to the play store and install WhatsApp on your phone or young phone.

Step 1:- Fill Details

In a few minutes the installation will complete, then open your WhatsApp and fill in your details like number, etc.

Step 1:- Verify Details

After filling in the details like the number verify your number by filling the OTP sent to your number. By putting OTP your details will be verified.

Step 1:- Proceed

After verifying your details, you will see the prompt on the main screen that will ask you to restore your data. Click on the Restore button, it will restore your media from Google Drive.

Step 1:- Restore Begins

When you click on the Restore button its starts to restore your data. It will automatically restore your backup data from Google Drive. After chat backup, your all media will be restored.

Step 1:- Shown on Phone

The restoring process will take your few minutes. Once you are successfully done, your chat will be shown over the phone.


As I said above there is no rocket science to restore and backup your WhatsApp data. By following the above six steps you can easily restore your WhatsApp data. Just obey them you will get your WhatsApp data back. On our site, we have several contents that will help you to solve your many problems related to WhatsApp. Also, we have much other useful content on our site. So stay tuned with us and get the solution to your problems. So in this post, we knew about how to backup and restore WhatsApp data. Follow them and get your data back. Visit again and again to our site. Thank you for being with us. Have a great day.